"Basics Of Selling on eBay" 2-Days Complete Workshop

Exclusive Hands-on Workshop (Limited Seats!) 



You have been hearing that peoples making a lots of money by selling on eBay and you had attended many seminars and talks ...

but still wondering what to do next?


You want to know EXACTLY, HOW successful eBay seller running their auction?

You need a REAL mentor and coach who is also an eBay PowerSeller to show you how they run the business instead of a seminar speaker?

You want someone that can actually GUIDE you through the selling process, step-by-step and show you how to put together all the bolts and nuts?


What is this workshop about?

This workshop: "The Basic of Selling on eBay",  is base on the syllabus officially approved by eBay and designed to show you how to start a successful eBay business. We will not only show you all the "know-how", but we will also guide you through the process, so at the end of the workshop all graduate will have an eBay account, your own product's listing and know exactly what to do right after the workshop.


We will cover the following topics in 14 Hours within 2 days:



Day ONE:


1. Welcome Module. The brief history and overview of eBay. [View Video]


2. Getting Started Module. Register your eBay and PayPal account, verified your PayPal and link to your eBay. [View Video]


3. Researching eBay. Doing research for pricing, understanding eBay fees and eBay Listing Format


4. Listing Preparation. How to write a good title and description, take professional photograph, pricing strategies, paypal and packaging and postage information.



Day TWO (Practical):


5. Listing Item on eBay. How to post item using Sell Your Item (SYI) form, Pricing / Payment / Postage and completing Your listing.


6. Completing The Sale. Exploring My eBay, After the listing closes.


7. Extras: Best Match Secrets and PowerSeller Top Selling tips.


Course content will be in local context.


EXCLUSIVE Hands-on practice workshop. We will guide you to do your own LIVE listing on eBay, from register an eBay and Paypal account, writing product description, taking product's photograph and listing it on eBay.



Course material (Official eBay Student Guide), Lunch and light refreshment (Halal Food) will be provided. Student will be given a certificate upon complete the course. Course material is not for sale and not available in the market.

Course will be conducted in English. However, we can explain in mandarin or malay if necessary.


At the end of the course, you will learn:


How to start selling in eBay.

How to know how much can your item sell for in oversea. (so you can determine profit or lost even before you start the business or you can maximize your profit).

How to source for potential product.

How to write a good product description and take professional product photograph.

How to register a PayPal account and withdraw money from it.

How to pack your item and ship to international customer, cheap, reliable and fast.

How to provide customer support and handle customer dispute, fraud.


Benefits of this workshop:

  1. Anyone can learn the right technique and skill to sell on internet or eBay. You can then apply these technique and the skill to sell any product or service in your lifetime. You can read from the bottom of this page on how eBay had benefits some people and changed their life.

  2. If you are currently working for someone, you can make additional part time income or side income with low capital, low overhead cost (no need to pay for rental, utilities bill and wages), no sales speech and without disturbing your daily routine. Potential to developed into a full time career and without having worry of retrenchment.

  3. If you are retired or a house wife, you can make use of your spare time to make some money by selling off some extras while you can take care your child / grandchild at home and stay connected to the business world.

If you are running a business, you can...

  1. Market your company's brand, product and service worldwide, increase exposure and open up a lot of opportunities.

  2. Develop an extra sales channel to liquidize your death stock and increase your sales.

BONUS: Life time coaching and support via website. Seller who completed our course will be given premium access to our portal. The membership is exclusive and only available for the graduate. We will share many useful information and updates via the portal. We will also provide online help and support to member who might desperately running into trouble (such as facing account suspension, listing violation, chargeback and so on) in future.



Chapter 1 trailer. Please note that the actual session is about 1 hour, in order to upload to Youtube, we had compress it to less than 10 minutes.


I can just learn from Internet FOC, why do I need to learn from you?

Yes. You can always learn from internet, book or trial and error. In fact, that is the first thing you should do. But if you had tried to learn from internet and yet still not work out anything and you are looking for someone to guide you through. This is the workshop you should never miss! Many information that we are going to share with you is from our own experience, trial and error and not available on the internet. Most of the information available on the internet is very general, no step-by-step detail and not in the local context. We had spend great amount of time and money to learn from the mistake while conducting our business; We had get our eBay / Paypal account suspended, listing removed, shipment stuck in custom, item lost / damage during transit, payment chargeback by fraudster and even negative feedback from customer due to unpredictable event. Those mistakes are just too costly and nearly put us out of business. But when we look back now, It can be avoided or managed if we know how in the first place.  We had also spend a lot of money, time and resource to research for better technique, work more efficiently and professionally so that we can grow our business and handle a bigger volume of sales.


PLUS, this is an official workshop by an eBay Education Specialist. We will provide one to one consultation to ensure you master the art of selling on eBay!


There are millions of eBay sellers, but only 5% of it achieved the PowerSeller status,

find out what these PowerSellers know but you don't know!


This workshop is not about teaching you how to get rich quick online; but to teach you how to get started, manage and grow your eBay business and how to use eBay to achieve better sales. We will teach you a systematic and efficient way to source for product, boosting your sales and managing your business from your home!



--> Due to the size of the room we can only take max 20 15 persons, we are sorry if you are the 16th! You are the

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 persons who read this offer. Act now before others seize your opportunity!


--> Normally, we only run 2 workshops per year, If you missed this workshop, you might need to wait for next year. This might be the last workshop for this year, so Join now!

Do you know that...

  • You are allowed to have more than ONE eBay account and TWO paypal accounts (can be one personal and one premier/business)?

  • Marshall Island is a nation of about 60,000 people living on 29 coral atolls and 5 low-lying islands in the central Pacific, mid-way between Hawaii and Australia?

  • Switzerland buyer can just TT money to your bank account in Malaysia via their post office with relatively low charges?

  • The most expensive item sold out of Malaysia, by a Malaysian eBay member, is a Proton Perdana 2.0 for US$25,900. It was sold to a buyer in the United Kingdom in 2005.

  • The most expensive item bought by a Malaysian is a Donzi 3250 Cruiser, for US$52,000 from the United States last year.

  • You can cash United Kingdom's Royal Mail Postal Order in Pos Office here but Postal Order from Canada and Australia need to bank in to your bank account and take more than One month to clear?

  • There are some country in this world do not have any street address but only PO Box?

  • You cannot ship to Israel by air without permit from MITI?

  • There are about 105 million items selling on eBay at any given time and the most expensive item sold is Gulfstream II Business Jet - USD4.9 Million in August 2001?

  • Total sales take place on eBay in 2006 is 52 billions USD which is equal to one third of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Malaysia 2006 (148.9 Billions USD)?

  • There is a secret hotline support number from eBay that is not available in the website but only to some PowerSeller?

  • You can operate an eBay consignment drop off store known as Trading Post IF your eBay sales is more than USD25,000 a month and there are 2748 Trading Post in USA.

  • Some eBay seller such as acitydiscount had made more than USD10 Million sales a year via eBay and some sellers such as everydaysource received more than 18,000 feedbacks a month!


Who is the speaker?

This course will be conducted by Mr. Alex Cheong from CityMall International LLC. Mr. Alex Cheong is an eBay Education Specialist trained by eBay. We have been selling and shipping to customers from more than 60 countries worldwide since 2003, and crowned as eBay PowerSeller in the early 2006. Currently, we have multiple eBay PowerSeller accounts (some PowerSeller's account is more than bronze level) and having our courier company pickup in daily basis and ship to a few countries everyday. Alex is also the founder of web2ship.com which provide shipping solution to online seller.


"People keep telling me their online business fail because they do not have a good product or their product cost is not cheap enough. But I just can't agree. There are a lot of Titanium PowerSellers selling ALL KIND of products at different price range at eBay at the same time and yet, still proven successful. Most people failed in online business is due to lack of management skill, technique and most importantly do not have the correct mindset." - Alex.


eBay Talk in Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ.  Novemeber 2007 December 2007 Workshop.

Small class, personal coaching and Intensive training. April 2008

First batch of Basic of Selling on eBay Course graduate

Oct 7, 2007, Petaling Jaya.


Basic Of Selling on eBay 2 Days Workshop, May 10 & 11, 2008

Basic of Selling on eBay Seminar, The Coronade Hotel

March 30, 2008, Kuala Lumpur.

Basic Of Selling on eBay 2 Days Workshop, August 9 & 10, 2008

eBay Success Workshop, Feb 7 & 8, 2009. Jakarta. Indonesia

Who should attend?

·         Anyone who is new or not familiar with eBay.

·         eBayer who haven't covered his full potential.

·         Online Entrepreneur / seller from lelong

·         Stay at home housewife / Partimers.

·         Manufacturer / suppliers who want to market their brand and product internationally.

·         Company looking for sales channel to liquidize dead stock.

·         Basically anyone who wish to master the art of online selling!


Where is the workshop?

PJ Venue: Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Details of address and map will be available after sign up)



Accommodation is not included but if you are from outstation or other country, you may check out the following hotels for accommodation:

  1. Armada Hotel [Map and Online Reservation]

  2. Hilton Hotel [Map and Online Reservation]

  3. Crystal Crown [Map and Online Reservation]

  4. Singgahsana Hotel [Map and Online Reservation]

  5. Lisa De Inn

What is included?

(a). 1 lunch and 2 tea breaks with light refreshment.

(b). Starter Kit upon registration.

(c). Course material consist of useful tutorial, listing template, freeware/shareware and useful information.

(e). Stationary and notebook.


How do I signup / register?

click here to sign up  or

Download and print out this registration form and fax it to us @ 03-78803746 at lease THREE DAYS before the workshop or complete the form below:


Sign Up Now! My status




  • No hidden charge or any subscription during or after the workshop is necessary.

  • You will learned everything that you need to know in order to sell on eBay.



Kindly fill in the form above. You will be able to check for payment options or making payment online on the next page. If you have any question, feel free to contact Ryan Woo at 016 - 2946588.


Hands-on practice*: You will be given time to do your own listing during the workshop; from taking product's photograph, writing product description, listing your product on eBay and to activate your PayPal account.

Free Re-attend**: You can re-attend our same workshop as many times as you like.

Online support***: We will provide online support via websites, email and Yahoo! Messenger ONLY. Phone support is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday except Public Holidays.



Our Graduate's Comment & Feedbacks:


Here are some Comments and Feedbacks submitted to the eBay Education Specialist Directory by the graduate. These are what exactly our graduates' feedback and comment after attended the workshop as listed in third-party eBay Education Specialist Directory website. We do not ask for the feedbacks nor alter it in anyway.


"everything what i need are fullfill" ~ hillangin. Businessman from Kuantan, Oct 7 2007


The instructor is responsible, has genuine concern for the students and their future eBay business, and has an infectious passion. ~ lawjenshen. Freelance writer from Kajang, March 30 2008


 "Friendly, approachable and patient. I am glad I attended the course as I learnt a lot." ~ sheela99um. Retired lecturer from Petaling Jaya, April 6 2008


 "My Ebay Malaysia Workshop has been a bliss. A small class with attentive and caring tutors, especially we have come a long way to participate. We hope that Ebay would open its advance class in Malaysia soon, I'll be the first to register for sure!" ~ globalmitracom. Trainer from Indonesia, Aug 10 2008

"Helpful, caring and supportive tutors who are willing to go the extra length to make sure that we fully understand and succesful in becoming the next ebay powerseller!" ~ christychen82. Merchant from Indonesia, Aug 10 2008


"Good presentation on all aspects of the ebay skills for beginers. " ~ moomoo6654. Engineer from Pinang, Dec 16 2007


"Great... " ~ tycoon.biz. Businessman from Johor, March 30, 2008

"Instructor is excellent, Professional and supportive." ~ ken. Businessman from Brunei, Dec 16 2007

"Overall very good, talking from many real experiences and solutions taken." ~ cachan88. Businessman from Kuala Lumpur, Nov 4 2007

"I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Alex on the outstanding job he has done. Thank you so much for your sincere and on-going support :)" ~ seok_kean. online seller from Kuala Lumpur, Oct 10 2007


"Mr. Alex Cheong is very professional. He answered all our doubts with patience. He walk around the class to make sure everyone is doing fine. We are not afraid to ask him anything and to seek for assistance He is very attentive and respect us. He is friendly too." ~ Jessie, May 11 2008



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eBay Live 2007 (7MB)

eBay Successfull story:

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You close this page and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You click here and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Remember -- all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.




  Dealtree is a company founded by Paul Fletcher and Garry Heath.Both of them are former buy.com’s employee. During 1990’s dot com crisis, they were retrenched by the company.  They noticed that many big companies such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystem didn’t have a good way of handle customer’s return (electronic).

  2 months later, they combine with the skill they earned from buy.com and their passions for eBay, They started the business to sell some returns goods on eBay. They successfully convinced their former employer (buy.com) to consign some Sony laptop and PDA for them to sell on eBay. They started in their car garage and turn their business profitable since first month.

  2nd month moved to a 2,500 sq ft warehouse. and went from zero to USD200k revenue per month.

  Now their annual sales is between USD4M to 10M. The growing rate is about 50% from year to year. They have more than 55,000 feedbacks and more than 15 eBay IDs as of today.


  AACS Autographs

  Anthony Roberts is a teacher. He first started tinkering eBay around 1995 when he ready to start a family and exploring ways to supplement their income.

  Roberts remember that his father was head of security at the Samuel Goldwyn’s Movie Studio. Robert’s childhood is grew up around celebrities and he managed to amass quite a collection of autograph of the rich and famous.

  He managed to bought collection for a few bucks and sold it on eBay for around USD250.

  Now he sell exclusively on eBay and maintain 2000 listing of item in eBay at any given time.

  He had completed 100,000 online transaction and selling more than 200,000 items. Revenue are growing by 20 -25% a year.

  Had more than 29260 feedbacks (main id)


Any business school or IT training company who are interested to provide this course is welcome to contact us.


Any NGO / NPO, Charity organization, Business Chamber, University or media who are interested about providing seminar on making money on eBay is welcome to contact us.

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